Escort of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates, June 2019

Haziran 21, 2019

VIP Mobile Secured the “Eastern Europe Tour” of the Foreign Minister of the United Arab Emirates.

The “Eastern Europe Tour” (from Prague/Czech Republic via Bratislava/Slovakia to Vienna/Austria) began for Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayid Al Nahyan at Prague Airport. We picked up the VIP directly from the tarmac and chauffeured him to his first business meeting in close cooperation with the local authorities.

Shortly afterwards, the troop of VIP bodyguards, a police escort and the Arab Foreign Minister travelled on to Bratislava. The last stage of the “Eastern Europe Tour” took us to Vienna to the “Hotel Sacher”.

By means of our armoured vehicles we were able to guarantee the safety of the VIP including all possible comfort. The journey lasted a week and went off without a hitch.

Arrival at the hotel “Four Seasons” in Prague

Police escort
Arrival at Hotel Sacher in Vienna