MSC – Munich Security Conference: February 2019

Şubat 13, 2019

VIP-Mobile ist ein gefragter Partner der Sicherheitskonferenz in München.

The 55th Munich Security Conference MSC, also called Siko, took place this year again from 15.02 to 19.02 in the “Hotel Bayrischer Hof”. This event brought together world leaders to discuss security issues. Among the approximately 100 ministers and some 40 heads of state and government, Angela Merkel, Mike Pince, Fattah al-Sisi and Ursula von der Leyen were among the most prominent guests.

As in 2018 (then with more than 60 vehicles), we secured the stay of several large delegations – which we support throughout Europe – with a contingent of 70 armored and unarmored vehicles. These included delegations from China, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Finland, Macedonia, Slovenia, Turkey and Georgia. For the comprehensive VIP personal protection of the high-ranking guests, we already arrived on 07.02.2019 to guarantee the safety of our clients.
Our fleet of VIP vehicles – in addition to the large buses and armored limousines – this time also includes our 22-ton military-grade truck, which is used to transport the luggage of the high-ranking members of the delegation.
Due to the excellent cooperation with the police, the MSC passed without incident.

Read more about our exclusive service for state persons under Embassy Service.

A part of the VIP vehicle fleet for the various missions on the MSC 2019
Direct shuttle transfer of our clients from the airport to the desired destination
24h VIP personal protection of the high-profile politicians at the Munich Security Conference
Personal Protection Command for the Foreign Minister of the United Arab Emirates

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Vehicle convoy with armored special protection vehicles, limousines and VIP shuttle buses for the Prime Minister of Bangladesh at the Munich Security Conference 2019
War weapons-proof 22-ton truck unloading VIP luggage of high-ranking delegation members at the “Vier Jahreszeiten” hotel