MSC – Munich Security Conference: February 2020

Şubat 17, 2020

VIP-Mobile was also a sought-after partner this year.

Once again this year, S.A.T. GmbH Security & Transport Corporation contributed to the safe success of the 56th Munich Security Conference.

With almost 90 VIP vehicles and 3 armoured Audi A8 Security, numerous foreign delegations and presidents were chauffeured safely to their destinations.

The driver teams were supported by two personal security teams from our company, who accompanied the high-ranking statesmen on foot during their walks.

Valuable contacts were made here that lead all the way to the respective countries.

Our mission during MSC 2020 in Munich went without incident.

Read more about our exclusive service at Embassy Service.

Already ready for departure from 5 a.m. on the runway
Protection of our client at the ministerial meeting
Standby at the Kempinski Hotel in Munich
Our fleet MSC
Line up to meet the state guests at the aircraft
Pick-up by night in front of the Bayerischer Hof
Safeguarding our Protectee at the Round Table Lybia Meeting
Vehicle fleet with over 90 vehicles