MSC – Munich Security Conference (Siko): February 2018

Şubat 17, 2018

As a partner of the Munich Security Conference (Siko), we secured several high-ranking ministers and presidents again this year.

We provided the complete transport service for a total of 9 delegations from 6 different governments, as well as personal protection in some cases. With over 60 vehicles such as limousines, large buses, minivans, armoured cars and several ambulances, our 62-member team successfully secured the entire event.

Thanks to the excellent cooperation between security forces and the Kempten police motorbike squadrons/emergency vehicles, the huge convoy could be guided through Munich’s traffic zones in adverse weather conditions.

The security staff of S.A.T. GmbH also chauffeured the Turkish Prime Minister to the Munich Security Conference.

Read more about our exclusive service for state persons under Embassy Service.

Our Turkish drivers for the Prime Minister
VIP Mobile Armoured Vehicles
Energetic support from Kempten police with motorbike squadrons and patrol cars
Vehicle convoy through Munich city centre
VIP Mobile vehicle fleet with over 60 vehicles