Stopover of the Indian Prime Minister in Frankfurt, September 2019

Eylül 30, 2019

Protection of Narendra Modi during his stopover in Frankfurt.

On 29.09.2019, Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, returned from his trip to the USA. The Texas India Forum (TIF) hosted Donald Trump and Narendra Modi in Texas (Houston). In honour of the Indian Prime Minister, the TIF organised a celebration with the motto “Howdy Modi”. Over 50 thousand Indian-Americans participated.

During his stay, Narendra Modi discussed important issues such as arms policy and common interests in relation to Pakistan. After the 10-day stay in the US, Modi took the return flight. As on the outward journey on 19.09.2019, Modi also made a brief stopover in Frankfurt on the return journey.

The VIP bodyguards received the head of state directly at the tarmac of Frankfurt Airport and escorted him from there safely and by the quickest route to the hotel. The VIP personal protection, our armoured limousines, several vans and an ambulance, which was on call in case of an emergency, were used.

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Receiving modes on the tarmac
VIP Mobile vehicle fleet
Departure from Frankfurt Airport
Ambulance on call