Personal security

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There are several reasons to consider personal protection measures with chauffeur services:

  • the subjective security requirements of an officer in politics, business and culture
  • specific incidents, such as ones own findings or evidence of security authorities regarding a suspected surveillance or safety risk
  • professional activities which may provoke the danger of blackmail or threat.

VIP-Mobile Bodyguard-Service

Protected from attacks and assaults by personal protection

Whether VIPs, business people or private individuals: All persons who want to be protected from assault or attack can rely on our personal protection. VIP-Mobile personal protection secures your place of residence from assaults and robberies

Our staff will comply with data protection regulations and of course treat your privacy confidentially. Of course, all the drivers used have successfully completed an appropriate driver training course. Whether you book us for trips abroad or for short business trips – we are sure to be there for you.

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Clients and cooperation partners

Exclusive Embassy Services

Personal security

Protection from attacks and assaults by VIP-Mobile personal security. We offer exclusive services such as 24-hour assistance, convoy security and armoured limousines.

Embassy Express Service

Fast and optimal security solutions for embassies, governments and consulates that need armoured vehicles at short notice. Chauffeur service included.

Embassy Kids Service

VIP-Mobile provides secure transport services for embassies, consulates and for the children of nationals and royal families around the world.