VIP-Mobile at the WEF – World Economic Forum in Davos: January 2024

Ocak 19, 2024

At this year’s WEF 2024 (World Economic Forum), VIP Mobile was booked by 2 clients from January 15th to 19th.

Once again this year, we deployed a fleet of our armored vehicles, including the Audi A8 Security, the VIP Mercedes V-Class and the Audi A6 Allroad. Our armored vehicles and personal security services play a crucial role during the prestigious World Economic Forum (WEF – 54. Annual Meeting 2024), dheld annually in Davos, Switzerland.

The international World Economic Forum attracts up to 3000 participants, including high-ranking government officials, prominent figures from business, politics, and the entertainment industry, as well as numerous heads of state and embassy members. Davos places special emphasis on security, which is of utmost importance given the prominent guest list.

Our highly armored limousines were ready to receive our clients directly at the helicopter landing pad. Subsequently, they were chauffeured safely and stylishly to the WEF congress center, allowing us to provide a tailored and reliable service for the smooth execution of the event.