Visit of the Ukrainian President Selenskyj to Lisbon/Portugal, May 2024

mai 29, 2024

VIP Mobile from 27.05. until 28 May 2024 on assignment for the Government of Ukraine in Portugal/Lisbon

VIP Mobile protects President Selenskyj in an armoured limousine – Audi A8 Security.

During his trip through Europe this week, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selensky was transported and protected by VIP Mobile (a leading provider of armoured limousines and personal protection in Europe) in a state-of-the-art Audi armoured limousine.

The customised luxury limousine is equipped with the latest ballistic protection measures and offers maximum security for heads of state and VIPs. A team of experienced VIP Mobile bodyguards accompanied Selenskyj around the clock and ensured his safety at all times.

In Lisbon, Selensky signed a ten-year bilateral security agreement with Portuguese Prime Minister Luís Montenegro, which guarantees Ukraine military aid totalling 126 million euros for this year. He had previously concluded similar agreements with Spain and Belgium, which provide for billions in aid for Ukraine.

The Ukrainian president’s trip was scheduled at short notice after he had previously cancelled all foreign trips due to a new Russian offensive. With its security concept, VIP Mobile ensured that Selenskyj’s trip to Europe ran smoothly and safely.

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