MSC – Munich Security Conference, February 2024

February 22, 2024

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More Information

Largest operation to date by VIP Mobile, involving over 130 vehicles in Munich.

This year, VIP-Mobile was in operation with an impressive fleet of over 130 vehicles to assist more than 25 delegations of VIP guests attending the Munich Security Conference. This operation marked a milestone in the history of the VIP-Mobile department in terms of its scale, including the number of vehicles, chauffeurs, and personal security agents involved.

Our fleet consisted of armored Audi A8 Security vehicles, Mercedes V-Class, Mercedes S-Class buses, and luggage vans. Our responsibility extended from directly picking up VIP guests at Munich Airport to safely chauffeuring them to the conference at the Bayerischer Hof. After the conclusion of the event, we safely escorted our guests to their respective hotels and later back to the airport.

Our services were utilized by over 25 governments worldwide, including countries such as Azerbaijan, the United Arab Emirates, Armenia, Kurdistan-Iraq, India, Yemen, Ireland, Ghana, Japan, Poland, Sri Lanka, the Netherlands, and many more.

VIP Bodyguard Service

For particularly high-ranking delegation members, we even provided armed personal protection, and we are pleased to report that the entire operation proceeded without any incidents.

Learn more about our personal protection and Embassy Service, specially designed for VIPs and state individuals, on our website.

Operational fleet

VIP Mobile fleet with over 130 vehicles: Armored vehicles (Audi A8 Security), Mercedes V-Class, Mercedes sedans, and more.