Visit by the Azerbaijani President to the Petersberg Climate Dialogue in Berlin, April 2024

April 25, 2024

VIP Mobile in Berlin from 25 to 26 April 2024 for the delegation of Azerbaijan

The visit of high-ranking state representatives to international events is always of great interest, especially when it comes to topics such as climate and the environment. In April 2024, the Petersberger Climate Event took place in Berlin, focussing on environmentally friendly technologies and sustainable development. One of the prominent guests was the President of Azerbaijan, who took part in this important event.

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev’s visit to the Petersberg Climate Dialogue was a sign of the growing global interest in environmental issues and the search for innovative solutions to climate change. Accompanied by a delegation of high-ranking officials and experts from his country, the President brought Azerbaijan’s perspective to the discussions on climate policy and green technologies.

Embassy Service: We supported the Azerbaijani delegation in cooperation with the police with armoured limousines (special protection vehicles) and personal protection. The deployment of VIP Mobile was a complete success and was carried out without incident.